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“The secret,” he says, “is knowing that not even the great Warren Buffett has been able to make a consistent annual return of what the credit card companies charge on average.

“As a result,” he says, “credit card debt can end up crushing your finances over the long term. Don’t let the credit card take advantage of you.” Lee Huffman, finance manager and real estate investor Largest credit card purchase: ,000 to ,000 for partial payment on a minivan.

When he was in college, he always carried a balance and got caught in the interest trap.

“I learned after making 0-a-month payments for years,” he says, “that I didn’t pay off anything and had just been paying the interest.” When Rampton realized what was going on, he put away his credit cards and used only cash for two years. “I typically pay off my balance on a daily basis,” he says.

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Huffman says he earned his first million dollars through investing.

He started with his retirement accounts, trying to make the maximum allowable contribution each year.

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