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This change has also been affected by a number of factors including the communications revolution and external scholarships.The most recent ruler or king of Saudi is King Salman of Saudi Arabia.However, some other religious days that are considered as public holidays in other Muslim countries are not given days off in Saudi Arabia including, the Islamic New Year, Mawlid Alnabi -Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday- and ‘Ashura day."Fierce religious resistance" had to be overcome to permit such innovations as paper money (in 1951), female education (1964), and television (1965) and the abolition of slavery (1962).

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Id al-Adha comes by the end of Hajj -pilgrimage- and employees get similar off days.

Another example of the strict adherence to Islamic values can be seen in women who are required to wear the traditional ”abaya” (long, fully covered dress).

Additionally, Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country where shops and other public facilities are required to close during prayer time which takes place five times a day and employees and customers are sent off to pray.

This measure has been taken to reduce the governmental spending as employees have lost 11 payment days.

This step was taken to reduce the divers effect Saudi business used to suffer due to the difference in weekdays and weekends between Saudi Arabia and the other regional and international counterparts.

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