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Violence, disobedience, and deadly games of "chicken" eventually lead to an insane climax on a boat as the guilty parties get what they deserve thanks to the diligent police work of hard-drinking Sheriff "Buck" Rhodes and crime fighting clergyman Reverend Steele David C. For his scenes, the other actors spoke to a stand-in.Hayes was then filmed separately delivering all of his lines and edited into the final film later as cut-aways.The film's actors got the B movie style of acting down pretty well.The actor playing the preacher had his scenes shot at a different time from the other actors and is crudely edited into the movie.See full summary » Five inmates break out of a remote minimum security prison for women.Four are hardened convicts, the fifth was wrongfully convicted.

My godfather has even told me that everything that I had been doing would put me in the same condition in which I would have a miserable life forever. On day 8 and day 9, you will have certainties on the directions you are heading in your life. You will have a full picture of what you want to have whether it is your finance, relationship, marriage, or health. You will always be on the move as you know your real purpose and mission in life. My point is, "You need a master plan." (It's not just a regular master plan.) How do you create a master plan? At the end of day 9, you will become bold and fearless in every aspect of your being. It also means that even though the universe will provide you with many gifts you ask, you may miss many gifts you supposed to receive as you are too overwhelmed on acquiring them.The film in style tries too hard to look like a bad Ed Wood production.Camera/computer tricks were used to make the footage look under/over exposed and other video filters to were used to make the video feature look like a beat up old movie print.

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