4cast not updating

So here you’d have the creation time of the original, the creation time of the duplicate, and the modification time all for the same file.If a user copies or moves files from one HFS volume to another the dates and times are impacted, on the destination, in the following ways: All other metadata attributed to the files is stored in the stored in the HFS file system. If a user copies or moves files from a HFS volume to Ex FAT the dates and times are impacted, on the destination, in the following ways: There is more activity than simply updating timestamps for files. Like Ex FAT there’s 3 timestamps, but the Accessed time is only attributable to a day.YOU FURTHER UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT 4CAST DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR CREDITS OF ANY KIND. You also agree to that any information you provide about yourself is accurate and complete information at the time provided.You agree to timely update any information provided to 4Cast to keep it accurate and complete.

Before you enter the 4Cast application or website (the "Site") or use any of the 4Cast services, you must carefully review the Terms and Conditions set out below (the "Terms").By entering and using the Site, you indicate that you accept these Terms and that you agree to be bound by them.Acceptance of these Terms creates a binding contract between you and 4Cast that you will use the Service only in a manner consistent with these Terms.However the access times are NOT updated when a file is opened and not saved(? If, however, you either use “Get Info” or open a file (and not save it) on either Ex FAT or FAT, the Accessed metadata field is updated.The related meta-files also have their Accessed dates and times updated.

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