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Although histamine is actually a useful substance and helps clear infection, it is important to block its effects in case of allergic reactions.Histamines give you stuffy and swelling nose, runny nose and eyes, itchy nose and mouth and even rash on the skin (hives).

Antihistamines are usually quite potent and start working within half an hour of taking a tablet – they are at their peak within 1-2 hours.Talk to your doctor if you experience serious side effects.To determine the cause of your wheezing, your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and what triggers them.Unfortunately, most antihistamine medicines can cause drowsiness, but you can also find some antihistamines that won't make you drowsy. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to deal with your allergy symptoms, and that is when you decide to take antihistamines to feel better.There are basically two types of antihistamines – first generation antihistamines and second generation antihistamines.

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