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This table is a pointer to a table in a SQL Server database that is associated with a pre-defined System ODBC Data Source Name (referred to as a DSN from this point forward).

In truth, you have many options for setting up Linked Tables from Access; many RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) and Microsoft Office applications for example - even Share Point and Outlook are options for linking tables back to Microsoft Access.

If performance is not an issue, you may simply press the Cancel button throughout this process.

Once selecting the 'OK' button on the previous screen you will be prompted to select a 'Unique Record Identifier' for each table.At this point you may utilize the linked tables as though they are native Access objects.You can create queries against them, report off of them, use them as the record source for Access forms and run Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code against them.However, when I go to view my form of the information from the table the form does not show the same amount of records as the table or any updates that were made to the table.When I checked the Linked Table Manager I found that the table used to populate the form was not among the tables listed in the Linked Table Manager.

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