Accomadating company

And while I’ll leave the detailed health care reform discussions to the political blogs, it’s going to be a huge issue in 2013.

Considering the enormous cost that companies shell out for health benefits for employees, wouldn’t it make sense to factor that in for a job seeker that does NOT need to take benefits?

She was offered a base salary of ,000, but because she would be listed on her husband’s health plan, she would not need those benefits for this new position.

She had done her research and calculated that the cost savings for the employer would be approximately ,000, so couldn’t she argue for a ,000 salary?

Let’s look at this purely from a negotiation standpoint.

"Susan" from Michigan recently wrote me with that question.

While I’m sure there are some smaller companies out there that might consider this arrangement, I didn’t think it was a common practice and I had not come across many scenarios where this was the case.

I spoke with a friend of mine that has worked in human resources for many years, and she confirmed my suspicions.

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