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The (1990) actress is now one of the highest paid in the movie industry.

Moore was one of the actresses of the Brat Pack generation and is the only one of those actors to still be in the limelight. (biological father) Date of Birth: November 27, 1943 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius He was an air force serviceman who left his wife after just two months of marriage.

Scroll down and continue reading to learn more about the personal life of this A-list performer. He never stayed around for the arrival of Demi and they never had any bond whatsoever between them after she became much older.

Virginia Guynes (nee King) (mother) Year of Birth: 1944 Date of Death: July 2, 1998 (aged 54) Demetria’s early years were full of one trouble or the other leading to a disturbed childhood.

Her father left Virginia after two months of marriage before their daughter was even born so she never got to know her real father.

The man who was her stepfather then committed suicide when the beautiful actress was only 16.

Freddy Moore (ex-husband) Duration of Marriage: February 8, 1980 – August 7, 1985 (5 years) Date of Birth: July 19, 1950 Zodiac Sign: Cancer In August 1979, 29 year old Freddy met Demi when she was a teenager and was married to Lucy at the time but they both moved in together as a couple.

Within a year, he had divorced his first wife and got married to the 17 year old Demetria but their obsession lasted only five years as they were divorced before any child was born.

Definitely some were born with huge silver spoons and life handed fame and wealth to them on a platter of gold but some others had to work their way painfully to the top; one of such is (1985) star, Demi Moore.Mother and daughter eventually severed contact after Virginia walked out of a rehab facility Demi had been paying for.King went ahead to publicly humiliate her daughter by posing naked for a low-end magazine in 1993 and even parodied Moore’s controversial pregnant Vanity Fair cover.She had started using his name professionally and even after they separated, she continued with it.Moore had clearly been forced to grow up at the speed of lightning and marriage was meant to bring some form of stability for her but unfortunately their union lasted just about five years.

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