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They also allow you to view their member webcams for free.

You can also get Free Adult Friend Finder Credits: Hot tip: Goto the main Free Promotions page to find the latest updated Adult Friend Finder discounts.

Millionaire Friend Finder Tired of dating poor, broke people?

Here’s your chance to meet a certified millionaire to sweep you off your feet !! Italian Friend Finder A great place to meet all of the beautiful Italian people out there !!

This “loophole” will allow you to obtain a FREE Gold membership with no credit card required.

Asian Friend Finder This is THE premier site to meet quality (and sexy) Asian singles !! (forgive any misspellings, my Korean language knowledge (or lack thereof) dates many years back to when I was a senior in High School and my boyfriend was Korean). There are about 20 more “niche” Friend Finder sites based upon everything from nationality to age to pretty much anything you can possibly think of, they have it.

There is something for everyones tastes and desires.

I was reading somewhere that if you are into it, Adult Friend Finder has it.

Friend Finder allows you to join for free, as well as browse the member personals. I mean I just started talking to the guy only a week ago.

Hot tip: I was told by a friend that there are a lot of people on Friend Finder that have webcams…let’s just say the shows get a little risque. He was talking very fast and it seemed like he was mentally checked out of the conversation in that he didn’t really listen to what I had to say. After a few nervous laughs on my part, it was painfully clear he was serious. I told him to “get lost” (replace the words “get lost” with something that rhymes with “duck cough”) and hung up the phone on him.

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