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DAFA’s mission is to clear all hazardous and mine-contaminated areas in Afghanistan by committing resources to humanitarian demining, clearance for road reconstruction, local government-sponsored construction plans, and disarmament, demobilization, and [email protected] [email protected] Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), formed in 1998, supports the ongoing improvement of mine action performance and relevance.Since then, ITF has continued to expand its scope of activities and the geographic area of its implementation in order to reduce threats from mines, UXO, and at-risk weapons and ammunition. MAG (Mines Advisory Group) began operations in Afghanistan in 1989 clearing mines and UXO. It endeavors to coordinate and prioritize their respective programs and increase donor support for mine action where it is most needed.The MASG serves as a forum for the exchange of information as well as the coordination of financial support and resources. The Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA) is an Afghan nongovernmental organization founded in 1990 specializing in landmine impact and post-clearance surveys, technical and battle area surveys, polygon surveys, and mine- and UXO-impact free community surveys.DASH’s goal is to increase the safety and security of people living in mine-affected areas through the removal and destruction of mines and UXO.To support sustainable post-conflict recovery, DASH strives to employ displaced persons, especially widows and female heads of household. Demining Agency for Afghanistan (DAFA), formed in 1990, is an Afghan humanitarian mine clearance organization.CBMCP transfers skills so that local communities can conduct their own mine and UXO clearance.AREA seeks to integrate demining and development through employment and procurement within the local economy. Colombian Campaign Against Landmines (CCCM) monitors fulfillment of the Ottawa Convention on behalf of the Colombian government, compiles reports each year for the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor, and supports survivor assistance and mine risk education. Dan Church Aid (DCA) is an independent ecumenical humanitarian organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which provides humanitarian assistance and mine action programs which combine mine risk education, mine clearance, and community development activities. Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a nonprofit organization that works worldwide to help and protect refugees, internally displaced, and other conflict-affected persons. Danish Demining Group (DDG) is a humanitarian mine action unit in the Danish Refugee Council, which assists individuals and populations hampered by mines, UXO, and SA/LW. Delvon Assistance for Social Harmony (DASH) is a Sri Lankan humanitarian demining organization founded in 2010.

CWD assistance provides the United States with a powerful and flexible tool to help partner countries manage their stockpiles of munitions, destroy excess small arms and light weapons (SA/LW) and clear explosive hazards such as landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and UXO. Andrea Thompson Under Secretary Arms Control and International Security Affairs U. Department of State Stockpiles of excess, poorly-secured, or otherwise at-risk conventional weapons continue to pose a challenge to peace and prosperity worldwide.CWD programs were also among the early initiatives that helped set the stage for our newly-enhanced relationship with Vietnam, as well as the historic 2016 peace negotiations in Colombia.They are also—and perhaps most saliently—keeping weapons out of the hands of those who would kill American citizens abroad.HI implements mine action programs, working to clear mines and UXO from civilian areas, providing risk education programs, and rendering assistance to those who have been injured. Information Management and Mine Action Programs (i MMAP) is an international nonprofit nongovernmental organization that provides targeted information management support to partners responding to complex humanitarian and development challenges.i MMAP’s expertise in data collection, analysis, and presentation supports the decision-making process for its diverse, multi-sector partners. ITF Enhancing Human Security (ITF) is a humanitarian nonprofit organization established by the Republic of Slovenia government in March 1998. partner MAG America, UK-based MAG is a humanitarian organization working in countries affected by conflict and insecurity to clear mines and UXO, implement conventional weapons stockpile management and destruction programs, provide mine risk education, and offer capacity-building support. The Mine Action Support Group (MASG), established in 1998, is comprised of the world’s major humanitarian mine action donor states.

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