Ajax dating script

That's a blessing and a curse, really — a blessing because it's all client-side code, so it's portable and doesn't affect the server; a curse for a lot of PHP developers because it's a different environment than they're used to.That's where tools and frameworks like j Query come in: They vastly simplify how you interact with Ajax, speeding our time to code completion.You click a link or a form's Submit button, and the request is sent to the server, which then processes that request and sends back a response.The best way to sum up this model is "click, wait, view." It's a never-ending rinse-and-repeat cycle that you know all too well.plentyoffish is a dating website which was started by a jobless canadian sql programmer casually and made it such big that it gives him millions annually.Here is skadate a dating script with long range of features which may boost a dating website.You may have learned a bit about XHTML or CSS, maybe some Java Script programming.

With a simple built-in function, j Query ensures that your code will work because it waits for the page to load.If you're one of these PHP developers, never fear: By the time you're done reading this article, you'll know enough to become a real Ajax pro.This article shows how to use j Query to easily add Ajax functionality to any PHP Web application.All this functionality is available through a single Java Script file you can download from the j Query site (see Related topics).After you've downloaded j Query, you can add it to any HTML or PHP file by including a simple function allows you to access DOM elements with their native names, making this interface an ideal choice for those developers already familiar with the DOM.

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