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It also describes “a long-standing history of mental health issues that raised concerns, at times, for the safety and well-being of the children” as well as drug abuse and related criminal activity, although it is not clear on the part of whom (at 3).A number of service providers were involved with the family over the years, including Children’s Services, Child and Family Services, and Justice and Solicitor General (the courts), as well as various health care professionals.The FVDRC noted the “lack of communication between intersecting systems” in the case, and found that “had there been a mandated, coordinated effort to address their needs, it could have potentially changed the course for this couple” (at 3).It identified the women’s shelter as “probably the service provider who had the clearest picture of the severity of risk to the victim” but noted that “the victim was unwilling to accept assistance by leaving the home for a shelter”, perhaps “due to the effects of trauma she experienced as a result of multiple adverse childhood experiences, including her own childhood experience of staying in a women’s shelter” (at 3).The report recommends that under the , every child intervention case that requires a safety assessment should use an actuarial risk assessment tool “to determine if preventative safety measures and services are required” (at 4).

Best practices were said to include referral of the offender to an employee assistance program for psychological and legal assistance, and attempts to ban him from the victim’s place of employment (at 3).

The second FVDRC was published in September 2016 and concerns a 2013 murder of a woman by her estranged husband who then killed himself.

According to the report, the couple had lived together for about nine years and had one child together.

so that this information is provided for judicial consideration in advance of proceedings” (at 5).

Lastly for the justice sector, the FVDRC recommends “the widespread implementation of integrated family violence courts in Alberta, in consultation with the Family Court Intersection Committee regarding the implementation of the integrated courts” (at 5).

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