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For example; my now Ex-wife (thus the dating) once had several business meetings with the GM of a large company.

Over dinner she told me all the challenges and goals of this company. Without disclosing my sources, I crafted a blind email to that GM outlining our value points and supported each with corresponding problems we solve, knowing full well the outline was all top of mind challenges for the GM.

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Having recently joined the online dating world, I’ve had to polish-up on what is truly core in convincing strangers to be intrigued enough by my story to want to meet me.

Below are 6 ideas and reminders on the fundamentals of persuasion and prospecting, which I have used over the last several months and drastically improved my sales performance.

The more points of interest you can touch on and match to your value prop the greater your success.

An early connection needs to break through the corporate monotone that everyone else is speaking.

Simply add some personality, passion and personal interest to your tone and try to keep the highly refined product messaging to specific points. Be unique: In dating my best results often came from unique and personalized suggestions for meeting spots.

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