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Most often, when people don’t make eye contact it’s for a specific reason.Humans evolved to make eye contact with each other to show no harm and to show their friendliness.This is SO true, but it’s also hard to catch as the only sign someone things you’re intimidating.However, it’s still one to keep a look out for because it really means a lot.

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When someone is around often but doesn’t speak much and yet you still think they like you, they could just be intimidated by you.

They never talk to you unless they’re addressing you with a group of people.

She wants a guy who at least feels like her equal, but ideally, a guy who feels like he would be doing her a bit of a favor by being with her.

Beautiful women won’t go around admitting that openly because many guys will take it as an invite to treat her badly.

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    You can gain her favor by mirroring her drink preferences. My dad had never tasted Southern Comfort in his life but claimed to love it to please my mom on their first date.