An error occurred while updating portal 2 disk io failure No credit card webcam

Container Support Provider Impl$Wls Request Support Provider at Execute Thread.execute(Execute at Execute PIA_stderr com.integrationgateway.common. External System Contact Exception: Http Target Connector: External System Contact Exception Received fatal alert: bad_certificate at com.integrationgateway.targetconnector.Web App Servlet Context$Servlet Invocation App Servlet at weblogic.internal.Authenticated As(Authenticated at Security As(Security at weblogic.servlet.provider. Wls Subject Subject at weblogic.servlet.internal.This can also happen, if you have a Private Key Entry that is signed by a Root CA which is not present in the target Web Service Provider keystore. SSLSocket Impl.start Handshake(SSLSocket at sun. SSLSocket Impl.start Handshake(SSLSocket at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Basic Connector Invocator.execute(Basic Connector at com.integrationgateway.framework.Solution: Delete the expired or invalid Private Keyentry and restart the webserver keytool -delete -keystore pskey -storepass xxx -alias xxx This has resolved the issue. Gateway Manager.invoke Service(Gateway at com.integrationgateway.framework. Gateway Manager.connect(Gateway at com.integrationgateway.listeningconnector. People Soft Listening Post(People Soft Listening at javax.

LLEDeprecation Warn Level=NONE debug=all -XX: Max Perm Size=256m platform=oracle.toplink.jaxp. Compatible Serial Version UID=1.0" or debug=ssl:handshake:verbose Review this document [Java SE] Training - How to Process debug Diagnostic Output (Doc ID 2170565.1) egrep -i "\* Client Hello|\* Server Hello|\* Certificate chain|\* Certificate Request|\* Server Hello Done|\* Client Key Exchange|\* Server Key Exchange|\* Certificate Verify|Change Cipher Spec|\* Finished|fatal|exception" outputfileegrep -v "^[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]:" outputfile Resolution This issue is caused by an expired SSL Certificate (Private Key Entry) entry in pskey keystore located at $PS_CFG_HOME/webserv/peoplesoft/piaconfig/keystore To list the entries cd $PS_CFG_HOME/webserv/peoplesoft/piaconfig/keystorels -lrtkeytool -list -keystore pskey -storepass xxx -alias xxx -v or to list every thing keytool -list -keystore pskey -storepass xxx -v Review the output for expired entry. SSLSocket Impl.perform Initial Handshake(SSLSocket at sun. Network Server(Network at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Http Server(Http at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Http Client.(Https at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Https Client(Https at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Https Client(Https at psft.pt8.pshttp.https. Https URLConnection.connect(Https at psft.pt8.pshttp. Response Code( at com.integrationgateway.targetconnector. Http Target Connector.send(Http Target at com.integrationgateway.service.

Filter( at weblogic.servlet.internal. Filter Chain Filter(Filter Chain at weblogic.servlet.internal.

Web App Servlet Context$Servlet Invocation Run(Web App Servlet at weblogic.servlet.internal.

Read More var g_url Params = ; try catch (ex) function back() // all content including images has been loaded window.onload = function() ; $(document).ready(function() { if(typeof(g_url Params['iframe']) !

in Integration Broker Gateway Server, You will see Http Target Connector: External System Contact Exception Received fatal alert: bad_certificate Message Set : 158, Message ID : 10721 IOException: The host couldn't be resolved.

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