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First, we find that Dynamic did not waive its argument that Raymond was entitled to an earlier effective date.

The Board then found that National Graphics reduced to practice its invention by March 28, 2000, before the May 5, 2000 filing date of the Raymond patent. National Graphics also argues that, even absent a determination of waiver, the Board's decision is supported by substantial evidence because Dynamic never compared the claims of the Raymond patent to the disclosure in the provisional application.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) granted-in-part Patent Owner Twilio Inc.’s motion for additional discovery pursuant to 37 C. One reason for this result is the high standard applied to reverse a prior decision—abuse of discretion.

In this case, however, the petitioner, met its burden by arguing that the Board, “led to error by [the] Patent Owner,” based its decision on an erroneous interpretation of the law. In response, Melanoscan asserted multiple claims of the ’748 Patent in a counterclaim for infringement.

The burden of production then shifted to National Graphics to argue or produce evidence that either Raymond does not actually anticipate, or, as was argued in this case, that Raymond is not prior art because the asserted claims in the ′ 196 patent are entitled to the benefit of a filing date (constructive or otherwise) prior to the filing date of Raymond.

decision narrowed a plaintiff’s venue options, the Eastern District of Texas still sees more patent infringement cases than almost any other jurisdiction. Last month, Chief Judge Gilstrap augmented this rule with a standing order that requires a party to serve “Eligibility Contentions” if the party intends to allege that any claim is directed to unpatentable subject matter.

According to National Graphics, priority claims are not examined by the PTO as a matter of course, and consequently are not entitled to a presumption of adequate written description support in the provisional application. We concluded that once “TLC's evidence and argument in support of the earlier filing date is ․ before the court, the burden of going forward again shifts to the proponent of the invalidity defense, Gennum, to convince the court that TLC is not entitled to the benefit of the earlier filing date.” Id. The aforementioned shifting burdens and related priority claims under § 120 in district court litigation parallel the shifting burdens and related priority claims under § 119(e)(1) in inter partes reviews. § 282, the different evidentiary standard in an inter partes review does not alter the shifting burdens between the parties because § 316(e) also places the burden of persuasion on the petitioner to prove unpatentability.

In response, National Graphics argues that the Board properly placed the burden of proof on Dynamic to support its contention that the Raymond provisional application provided written description support for the claims of the Raymond patent. We noted that “[t]his requires TLC to show not only the existence of the earlier application, but why the written description in the earlier application supports the claim.” Id.

Nat'l Graphics, Inc., No.2013–00131, 2014 WL 4628897 (P. The Board concluded that Dynamic failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that claims 1 and 12 were anticipated under § 102(e)(2) by Raymond. The Board first found that Dynamic failed to prove that the Raymond patent was entitled to the benefit of its earlier February 15, 2000 provisional filing date, and hence that it was a § 102(e) reference as of its provisional date.

In its petition, Dynamic argued that claims 1, 8, 12, and 14 of the ′196 patent were anticipated by U. The PTO granted the petition in part, and instituted trial on claims 1 and 12. According to the Board, “[t]o be entitled to rely on the February 15, 2000 provisional filing date, [Dynamic] had to establish that it relies on subject matter from Raymond that is present in and supported by its provisional.” Id .

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