Antivirus and antispyware protection not updating

If, on the other hand, you have been downloading continuously for a while, we wouldn't want to unnecessarily slow your system down by constantly updating the virus database.

In this case, we elected to set an update limit of once every four hours.

If not, then it immediately attempts to download the latest definitions and promptly scans your files.

Therefore, if you haven't used Vuze Plus since yesterday and you opened it up and downloaded a file, Vuze Plus would update its virus database to the latest definitions - at most one-hour _young_!

Vuze still won't be able to find it again after you move it out of the default directory, but at least you know it's been scanned for malware!

When Vuze fails to scan a file you will be presented with the following indicators: (this example shows the case where the file has been deleted while the download still resides in the Vuze library - note the red text in this case) If you double-click on either the warning triangle icon against the download or the status bar warning, the following dialog will be presented: If you click on the "Details" link in this dialog it will show more detailed information about the failure.

Every hour of every day, Bit Defender updates its virus database with the latest protection against viruses, scams and malware.

Then every time you download a new file with Vuze Plus, its built-in Bit Defender protection first checks to make sure it has downloaded new definitions within the last four hours.

To resume scanning it, replace it in its original download location and let Vuze scan it before moving it to another folder.

If things continue to fail then you can force a re-install of the Antivirus plugin.

Close Vuze and use Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) to the Configuration_directory.

Trick Bot was originally discovered in October of 2016 but has since changed and evolved dramatically into one of the most prolific attacks today... Vidar is a relatively new keylogging, data-stealing malware campaign.

It is generally distributed through malicious advertisements on less-than-reputable sites such as bit torrent or free video streaming sites.

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