Are bridget regan and craig horner dating Ugandan online sadomaso chat free

Later the rumors turned out to be false as she is still having her married life with her husband, Eamon O’Sullivan.

At present, journalists want to get all of the celebrities out of the closet; most of the rumors are false.

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She began working on stage as well as auditioning for roles in movies and television series.

However, on February 2, 2012, he announced his departure from the band.This suggests that from an early age, Bridget Regan probably had an interest in acting and began charting her way as an actress early enough.Some sources reported credibly that she starred as a child actress in Following her graduation from college, the would-be Legend of the Seeker star moved to New York City from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to kick-start her career.The rumors were created when the friendship between Bridget and Craig got enormous public attention.Also, there were rumors about her personal life, she has been rumored for the divorce with her husband.

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