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That’s crucial for making money from messaging since just throwing ads into the mix will ruin the user experience, plus it builds a moat that helps keep users in the Line app ecosystem rather than rival apps.

On that note: Line has been one of the pioneers of official accounts inside messaging apps.

He supports clients undertaking significant strategic opportunities, and in building capability systems in marketing innovation, and customer management.

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He specializes in strategy development and revenue management initiatives for consumer products companies in the U. Our founder, Edwin Booz, defined the profession when he established the first management consulting firm in 1914.

messaging app from Japan, is going public today in a dual Japan-U.billion in sales for the first time in 2015, more 40 percent of which came from in-app purchases within its social games.First off, on a basic level: doesn’t have the vast userbase of Whats App (more than one billion active users), Facebook Messenger (over 900 million active users) or China’s We Chat (close to 700 million active users), but it is notable for pioneering a number of trends in messaging, particularly around monetization.The listing, which will happen in New York on Thursday and Tokyo on Friday, is set to be the largest from a tech company this year to date.

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