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They have since released two albums, Together in 2012 and Perhaps Love in 2013.Before shooting to fame on the hit TV show, Charlotte was training full-time in Musical Theatre at the Arts Educational Schools, London, while Jonathan was training classically at the Royal Academy of Music part-time as a junior.Jonathan Q: Jonathan – if there was a male pill in the future would you use one, especially with Charlotte’s reaction to the pill, if there was one at that time would you of taken it instead of Charlotte do you think? Because some guys hate condoms and avoid them at all costs, and this would allow for an alternative method with better chance of avoiding pregnancy than the pull out method.

"I had just transferred schools for sixth form, I had a scholarship for music at a private school but it wasn’t for me in the end as it turned out, and I had a tough time dealing with it."She lives in Canada, which is a double edged sword.She’s great I really love her." Jonathan met Michelle last year via a web chat service and their relationship has gone from strength to strength.The pair were a phenomenally successful team but Jonathan told me that "our time came" and the partnership ended earlier this year so that both could pursue their solo careers.CLICK HERE TO WATCH PART 2Of course, at their first audition for Britain's Got Talent in March 2012, Simon Cowell famously suggested that Jonathan should ditch Charlotte from the start and go solo. But, having worked closely with the music and TV titan, Jonathan reveals that Simon Cowell's TV persona is a complete fake!

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