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Bronx rapper Cardi B also said she would not boycott Sweden, even as she campaigns for Rocky's release.

"I'm not gonna ban a country that has shown me so much love but they do need to free A$AP Rocky," she told TMZ. Don't get in a fight," said Dave, who added that rappers should control their entourages.

Nicole Curtis believes that houses should be more energy efficient and the components while making products should be environmentally friendly.

She is also supporting local manufacturers by using their material to renovate homes.

TMZ caught up with Dave and asked him to comment on Rocky's situation.

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Curtis is a self-made woman and her first career as a realtor was for Minneapolis broker, where she was a guest on the show "Sweat Equity." Six months later of that venture, she was offered her show with producing credits which is popular worldwide as "Rehab Addict." Its first episode was premiered on October 14, 2010, on the DIY network.Her philosophy is "rehab, reuse and recycle" and her mantra is "old people, old dogs and old houses" which match her personality.Nicole founded which is collecting funds for a charity for various purposes; the foundation has attracted thousands of dollar for people living with cancer and fallen American soldiers.The reason for "Rehab Addict" popularity is that every episode literate the audiences about the architecture of houses and the presentation of the show with Nicole and her crew.There is an inspiration to save the old homes, and people of America love it.

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