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Today, many Mexican pop groups release songs both in Spanish and English.

Mexico has produced many great operas since La Partenope was first performed in 1711.

This evolution occurred in an additive, rather than destructive, manner.

That means that, far from replacing one music style with another, Mexican music incorporates previous rhythms and sounds into new ones.

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New migrants in Northern Mexico blended European waltzes and polka with Ranchero music back in the late 19th century.A typical Mariachi ensemble was formed by four or five guitars, a “guitarrón” (a sort of a large bass guitar), violins, some “vihuelas” (a kind of guitar with a round back), and a harp with 28 to 40 strings.In some regions of Mexico a small snare drum was commonly included into the ensemble.Early opera was strongly influenced by European styles.By the 19th century, Mexican composers had found their own voices in operas such as Guatimotzin.

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