Ashley dating website married people

Musicians, models, actors, and photographers with even the slightest level of fame attract attention from groupies that can be hard to ignore.But Ashley Madison data makes it pretty you don’t have to be the late-80’s version of Bon Jovi to have an affair (although that would make it easier).In a survey by Illicit Encounters, 27% of teachers admitted to having sex with Surprisingly, finance falls mid-pack when it comes to careers in which people are most likely to cheat. and we already know what happens when colleagues are overly stressed at work.A significant number of both men and women confess to extramarital affairs in this industry.Still, men pick up the slack when it comes to extramarital activities.It’s ranked as the 12th most common career for cheaters.Just 5% of males who admitted to affairs were doctors, but to be fair, they are outnumbered by women in the industry when it comes to gender demographics.

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But what’s more surprising is that zero women interested in an affair work in the same field.The rate of affair ranks pretty evenly among men and women, but the retail and hospitality industry is ranked in the top five overall.Survey results indicate IT professionals aren’t as shy and introverted as they let on.Service workers have an uncharacteristically high rate of divorce.Dealing with the public can wreak havoc on even the most stable marriages and long hours could lead partners astray.

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