Asian dating questions

If you want to attract a beautiful Japanese woman, you'll have to create an attractive profile. Are you looking for a cute Japanese girl to spend a week with? Waiting for the women to text you first is ok if you are in Western countries, but not in Japan. It's not like going to a party with your gf, with your friends and their gfs — no, it's a date, but with other couples. But it doesn't mean that Japan ladies are cold, of course. It's a hard language for native speakers of English, but if you learn at least several words and compliments, you'll earn additional points.

They keep the balance perfectly, and that's another reason why everyone loves them so much. If you want to meet some pretty Japanese girls, you'll have to find a good website, to create an attractive profile, and to talk to them first. Yes, it may take quite a while to check if the site is really good, but it's definitely worth it.

But, there's one thing you can't deny — these families raise the girls as perfect wives and mothers. Even if it sounds unlikely for you, it's the 100% truth, and Japanese women do really want to find husbands and to create strong, long-term relationships. Your beautiful Japan girl will never shout or yell, she will not even try to dominate you, even if some huge problems come up.

It's all about the traditionalist culture of Japan — Japanese ladies know that family is top priority, and they don't question traditional gender roles. The manners of these women are legendary (have you heard about geishas?

Your skin color, your habits, and your beliefs differ from theirs — so you'll have to prove that you're ready to build a family. If you want to tell a woman that she has a beautiful smile, say "egao ga suteki desu".

Oh, and you probably already know what is "cawaii", right?

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