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e-Filing of Corporate Tax / e-Submission of employment income) on behalf of your business, can apply for GST registration online via my Tax Portal.

If none of your employees or third parties have a Corp Pass account, please refer to IRAS’ Corp Pass webpage on how to register for Corp Pass.

To facilitate the processing of your application, please ensure that your application is duly completed with the necessary supporting documents.

We usually take 10 working days to process your application.

The date of registration will not be backdated for the purpose of claiming input tax.

If you are registering for GST, you must appoint a local agent in Singapore, known as a Section 33(1) agent, who will act on your behalf for all your GST matters.IRAS will not send any letter for approved applications.You may also retrieve a copy of the notification letter by logging in to my Tax Portal (select “Notices/Letters”)If you are late in your application for compulsory registration, your effective date of registration will be back-dated to the date you ought to have been registered.For voluntary registration, the company director/ sole-proprietor/ partner/ trustee/ preparer of GST returns must complete two e-Learning courses - " Registering for GST" and " Overview of GST" - and pass the quiz.You are not required to do so if: Any person with a Corp Pass account, which has been authorised to access IRAS’ e-Services (e.g.

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