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With some exceptions, students at both institutions participate in an integrated social scene, including access to the same extra-curricular activities.

Some undergraduates at the college interpret this new set of rules as the administration's patronizing way of slut-shaming and policing the students' sex lives.

Barnard spent a great deal of the 1970s and early 1980s in negotiations with Columbia over a potential merger and undergraduate co-education.

Ultimately, Barnard chose to remain independent, and in 1982, Columbia College went co-ed on its own.

Institutionally, Barnard has its own board of trustees which oversees the college's operation, its own endowment, its own faculty, its own campus (Columbia does not share ownership of any of Barnard's campus buildings), and its own administration.

Barnard pays Columbia for access to utilities, the University's libraries, and other facilities such as Lerner Hall.

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