Bayarea dating sites Open uncensored totally free video chat no log in or registreation

Tbh all I want is to cuddle, be distracted from how homesick I am and the person I walked away from to be here, and to have a back and forth conversation about anything, and if I have to give a blowjob to do that, okay.

Everyone here is alone and won't do anything about it. This sub feels like I'm reading about a hellish mirror realm version of the place I live, but I guess that's reddit for you.

I think the logistics of dating in the bay are obviously hampered by transportation problems and the high cost of living.

Most people work more than forty hours, and getting to any place takes a minimum of forty five minutes - usually more like 90 at peak hours.

Literally showed up to two dates and had people flake on me after 15 minutes of waiting.

It seems to me a lot of folks, at least in East Bay where I mostly dated, were living really unanchored lives and had no specific goals inside of or even outside of a relationship.

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