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Her medical articles were even published in the Green Journal (Read more)….Benjamin "Benji" Daniel Schwimmer (born on January 18, 1984) is an American professional dancer, choreographer and actor. Benji artistically directs for Le Ann Rimes and Paula Abdul. Benji is known for his versatility in mixing the arts of solo dance and partnering. His mother, Laurie Schwimmer, and sister, Lacey Schwimmer, are also west-coast swing dancers. Some of his early experiences included singing and dancing in "Sunshine Magic", a children's troupe, that was later renamed "Newport Beach Showtime." His aunt, Vicki Groskreutz, was the choreographer, and he and cousin Heidi regularly showcased their swing talents at various shopping malls, theme parks, and fairs. The catalyst for his decision was the death by suicide of three gay friends. Benji was born on January 18, 1984 in Newport Beach, California, and grew up in a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) household in Moreno Valley, California. D., a non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate and provides health care for dancers with HIV/AIDS and other illness, and is a co-owner of 5678 Dance Studio in Redlands. He resigned from the church in 2011 due in part to the church's position on not allowing homosexuals to work with youth. Benji is the songwriter, producer, and vocalist for pop-rock band The Weekend Forecast, who are signed with Executive Music Group.

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He visited locations all over the world, including Norway, Singapore, Toronto, Ottawa, and China.

Similarly, Schwimmer grew up playing and fighting along with her sister, Lacey Schwimmer, a dancer as well.

In addition, he was born under the birth sign, , there is no sign of him being linked with any other women or men until now.

Starting in September 2006, Benji and the rest of the top-10 finalists performed in a North American tour (see So You Think You Can Dance (Season 2) for details). Seattle sold out within 30 minutes and New York sold out within 11 minutes).

The following year, Benji was invited to perform on the opening of season three and to become the first SYTYCD alumnus to choreograph on the show.

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