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The essence of boyhood distilled, transcribed and bound.This classic is packed with humor and wit and filled with episodes familiar to any American-Tom convincing his friends to whitewash the fence, Tom overhearing his own funeral, Tom exploring a cave with Becky.Spooky, magical, and engrossing, it’s a must for all boys who like ghost stories (so pretty much all boys).Be sure to check out Gaiman’s other great books like dangerous) hands on projects for boys to tackle from how to build kites and forts to how to rear wild birds and trap animals. When the pilot of the small plane of which he is a passenger crash lands in the Canadian wilderness, 13 year old Brian Robeson must survive with only his wits and a hatchet.Utterly alone, Brian must learn to rely on himself.On his 25th mission, his last mission before being sent home, his plane is shot down, and he is taken prisoner in a German POW camp.A fictional story and an easy read, but historically accurate and realistic in its details.

The first edition manual is crammed with info on tracking and trapping animals, building shelters from scratch, and sailing.

Be sure to check out other books by Harry Mazer; his series is a painless way to teach boys some history.

If you have a son in Scouts, he’ll definitely dig this book.

Additionally, it has stories of bravery and adventure that inspire boys to be great men. One of my favorite books as a boy-who knew the lives of rabbits could be so engrossing?

I’m sure it’s rife with rich symbolism and whatnot to mull over, but it’s one of those books that creates a world so rich and evocative that it’s best to let yourself get totally wrapped up in it instead of constantly searching for deeper meaning.

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