Bipasha basu dating rana

However, she wasn't entirely responsible for what happened; I realised it only after staying with him post our engagement.

The problem is with his attitude and behaviour, but I did try my best to save the relationship.

I have seen his dark side; he loses his cool over petty issues, and can get violent. He was disturbed as he was going through a financial crunch.

Besides fighting verbally, he would often raise his hand on me. I was taken to the hospital for a medical check-up and on our way to the police station, he kept crying saying, 'Mujhse galti ho gayi, maaf kar de. After seeing him cry, I told the cops to let him go. He should have been behind bars."However, Sidharth told TOI, "Subuhi and I are no longer together, we have called off our engagement.

Things were fine between us till the time I was working and making money.

I feel that problems cropped up after I faced a financial crisis.

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A source close to the couple told The Times of India, “Despite the turmoil, they stuck around and gave their relationship several chances.We are two best friends who may not be a couple anymore.But our friendship will continue as it always has, through thick and thin.Karan, then, questioned him about his relationship with Trisha.Initially, Rana dodged the question by saying that she has been his friend for many years.

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