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We found the museum easily — a bold signpost welcomes guests to a large bungalow nestled among trees in a well-maintained and spacious compound.

As the curator welcomed us, we were quickly briefed about the rules of the museum — no photos inside and no touching of museum items.

With Christian parents who revered traditional customs and demagogues, Ogunde grew up as an enthusiast of Nigerian folklore.

Every profession in his life —first church organist then teacher then police officer, would become useful in creating the dramatist that he was.

But there is no need for the explanation because every inch of every wall of every room in that house exudes passion and exquisite taste.

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During the one-hour drive, we chatted about some of everything with our chatter interrupted only by the verbal directions from Google Maps.In his bedroom, there is a large bed — for a large man — and arm chairs surrounding the bed.Someone makes a joke about the need for Ogunde to have such a spacious bedroom and an unusually large bed, especially as the better part of one of the walls is adorned with a large family tree.I was hoping to hear some enticing reasons beyond the vague descriptions on the internet. I was sure that we would learn one or two things about his life and work and maybe a few heavily curated stories about his seventeen wives.“This is a fascinating story”, I thought — a man with seventeen wives and many children, who traveled around the country acting plays and creating films.

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