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Seriously, you can tell so much about a person just by locking eyes with them. The key is knowing what, exactly, you're looking for.When it comes to meeting new people, I always go straight for the eyes.Looking at photos, research subjects were able to tell (at a rate above chance) who was married to whom by looking for a resemblance between the bride and the groom’s mother, or between the groom and bride’s father.Of more importance, though, is the similarity between a young guy’s partner and his mother.They are an energetic and giving lover, but you've got to be careful because (yup, you guessed it) people with green eyes can be more jealous than the average bear.Charlotte Bronte once wrote: "The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter — often an unconscious, but still a truthful interpreter — in the eye." While this exceptional writer didn’t have the benefit of modern psychological research to support her thinking, her statement has held up: Recent studies attest that our eyes can convey all sorts of information about who we are to the world.Wait that made it sound like I attack all strangers by attempting to peck their eyes out.That is only true in very specific, very isolated instances.

When we say black eyes we mean people whose brown eyes whose color is so rich and dark it can read as black.This resemblance, too, is evident to the naked eye; again observers could spot the matches between the true spouse– mother pairs and could detect false pairings.Reciprocally, in a separate study it was found that a young woman’s father was facially similar to the man she chose as a long-term partner. I mean unless you are reaaaaaalllly into draperies. To be real, eyes are maybe the only time windows are ever referred to as being remotely sexy.

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