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This would be a fruitful area of future research and an independent test of our contamination hypothesis.CO and any (both biospheric and magmatic) degassed from the soil contributes disproportionately to the stem wood.4) confirming that the oldest moa age, and probably the next, must have been biased by C values, which were consistent with those of the second wiggle match tree and significantly higher than values reported for the same moa species elsewhere in New Zealand (Fig. 5), imply contamination by C and offset ages on bones of people killed at Herculaneum in 79 CE was attributed to a diet including marine fish. 155 years, respectively, linear relationships with actual tree age broke down: the tree continued to grow but C) in trees close to the Taupo, Baitoushan-Tianchi, and Rabaul volcanoes before major eruptions.

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Successive combinations of the radiocarbon ages maintained the date ranges for the three youngest ages, but constraining the oldest moa age to post-eruption violated the combinatorial and phase algorithms (Supplementary Fig.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Box-whisker plots (maximum, minimum, median, lower and upper quartiles; numbers, sample sizes): bone gelatin δC of leaves and wood, and between pre-industrial and present wood include the Suess Effect, fractionation between foliage and wood, and taxon differences.The Suess Effect has been factored into the values plotted in Fig. Wood δC values of these saplings, retained in the inner wood of the mature tree, could be up to 10‰ lower than those of the later rings of the mature tree, even with the leaf-wood fractionation.

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