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Most of the Ransacker's activities involved breaking into houses, rifling through (or vandalizing) the owner's possessions, scattering women's underclothing, stealing coins and low-value or personal items, while often ignoring banknotes and other valuable items in plain sight.In late April 2018, the Visalia chief of police stated that while there is no DNA linking De Angelo to the Central Valley cases, his department has other evidence that will play a role in the investigation, and that he was "confident that the Visalia Ransacker has been captured." The Golden State Killer is believed to have moved to the Sacramento area, progressing from burglary to rape in mid-1976.Some believe that Sanchez may have realized he was dealing with the man responsible for the Offerman–Manning murders, and tried to tackle the killer rather than be tied up. The southern California murders were not initially thought to be connected by investigators in their respective jurisdictions.A Sacramento detective strongly believed that the East Area Rapist was responsible for the Goleta attacks, but the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department attributed them to a local career criminal who was later murdered.On August 19, 24-year-old Keith Eli Harrington and 27-year-old Patrice Briscoe Harrington were found bludgeoned to death in their home on Cockleshell Drive in Dana Point's Niguel Shores gated community.and was shot and wounded in the cheek before he was bludgeoned to death with a garden tool.Investigating the crimes not committed in Goleta caused local police to follow false leads related to men who were close to the female victims.One person, later cleared, was charged with two murders.

The rapist operated in Sacramento County from the first attacks in June 1976 until May 1977.

It is believed that he sometimes entered the homes of future victims to unlock windows, unload guns, and plant ligatures for later use.

He frequently telephoned future victims, sometimes for months in advance, to learn their daily routines.

After a three-month gap, he struck in nearby San Joaquin County in September before returning to Sacramento for all but one of the next ten attacks.

The rapist attacked five times during the summer of 1978 in Stanislaus and Yolo counties before disappearing again for three months.

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