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If you want to find the parts of the brain that are crucial for reading, for instance, you can’t just take pictures of people’s brains as they read; the visual cortex carries out many functions other than reading.

Scientists therefore have to craft experiments that allow them to compare what happens to brains during reading with what happens when people look at random strings of letters or checkerboard patterns.

He prescribed a treatment that was shockingly common at the time: He blasted her ovaries with X-rays. Erickson began to suspect that her sexual feelings were emanating not from her ovaries but from her head. Her doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy, probably brought on by the damage done to parts of her brain by a case of syphilis.

when she was 54 and diagnosed her with nymphomania. W.’s seizures became worse, leaving her motionless and feeling as if an egg yolk were running down her throat. Usually the woman would come to with no memory of what had just happened, but sometimes she would fall to the floor in a seizure.

Today pharmaceutical companies make billions bringing new life to old sex organs. For starters, they demonstrate that sexual pleasure is not just a simple set of reflexes in the body.

Stepson goes to his stepmoms room and tells her that dont marry his pops because he loves her.

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Perhaps men with hypoactive sexual desire disorder couldn’t feel desire because their brains were keeping their emotions bottled up.

Unfortunately, PET scans take several minutes to capture a single image.

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