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Andrew Wiles is almost unique amongst number-theorists in his ability to bring to bear new tools and new ideas on some of the most intractable problems of number theory.

His finest achievement to date has been his proof, in joint work with Mazur, of the "main conjecture" of Iwasawa theory for cyclotomic extensions of the rational field.

He further worked with Barry Mazur on the main conjecture of Iwasawa theory over the rational numbers, and soon afterward, he generalised this result to totally real fields.

His biographical page at Princeton University's website states that "Andrew has few equals in terms of his impact on modern number theory.

Most recently, he has made new progress on the construction of ℓ-adic representations attached to Hilbert modular forms, and has applied these to prove the "main conjecture" for cyclotomic extensions of totally real fields – again a remarkable result since none of the classical tools of cyclotomic fields applied to these problems.

I later found out that he was a Student Attorney hired part time by the Rice County Attorney’s Office on May 29, 2014 and was approved by the Rice County Board of Commissioners on June 10, 2014.

From 1994 to 2009, Wiles was a Eugene Higgins Professor at Princeton.

He rejoined Oxford in 2011 as Royal Society Research Professor.

Many of the world’s very best young number theorists received their Ph Ds under Andrew ...

and many of these are today leaders and professors at top institutions around the world".

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