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For decades, Campbell River has proudly proclaimed its identity as “The Salmon Capital of the World”.Local fishing opportunities are abundant and continue to drive some tourism experiences.Campbell River is a coastal city of some 35,000 people nestled within the stunning landscapes of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.The area has a rich First Nations culture and legacy; archaeological research reveals evidence of permanent Indigenous settlement dating back thousands of years.The plan and partnership address Campbell River’s five-year strategic goal to ensure the city’s long-term competitiveness as a destination by improving promotion, visitor servicing and destination development.One of the first objectives in support of the strategic plan was to rally the community to refresh and realign the Campbell River brand.To build consensus, the brand process would need to place locals at the centre and encourage them to contribute.A destination brand is the sum of the experiences a place offers plus the stories that people tell about those experiences.

in mid 2017 to begin a multi-year tourism management partnership.A destination’s identity is shaped by its people, so the Place DNA™ process is thoroughly collaborative. team surveyed a representative sample of the community through an online survey.Campbell River’s tourism stakeholders and residents were asked to provide input that would allow Destination Think! The tourism community also participated in a workshop to help uncover the local identity. team members researched the city and its history, attractions, experiences, visitor perceptions, and went on familiarization trips to explore the local tourism experiences.The brand expresses a place’s core identity, or Place DNA™.The Place DNA™ process answers the question, “What makes Campbell River, Campbell River?

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