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During filming, Roday misspoke the line as "three-hole puncher." Meltreger called for a cut and raced onto the set, then insisted that Roday read the line exactly as scripted, because, in his words, "Three-hole punch is *way* funnier than three-hole puncher!" Subsequently, it became a running joke on the set: someone says the words "three-hole punch" while shooting and the cast and crew all pretend to laugh as if it's the funniest thing they've ever heard.Even in episodes where they are wearing sweaters, the undershirts will alternate.In some episodes, Gus will wear a pinstriped suit, while Shawn wears a plaid shirt.S., Concessions Vendor 2004; Aquablanca Expeditions San José, Costa Rica Raft Guide 2003-2004; U. S., Event Planner 2003; Mo's Outdoor Decor Santa Barbara, California, U.S., Christmas Light Hanger 2002; Graceland By Night, Inc. S., Tour Guide 2002; Miller Park Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.This includes their phones in later seasons, where Gus can be seen using a Windows phone (for example, season seven, episode six "Cirque Du Soul"), and it's well-known that Shawn uses an i Phone.Gus always uses a non-Mac PC, and Shawn uses a Mac PC.

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When Shawn is asked by the Ambassador where he gets his terrible accent, Shawn tells him it was from Phineas and Ferb's grandad.

S., Concessions Vendor 2002; Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Madison, Wisconsin, U. S., Mystery Shopper 2000-2001; Turner Field Atlanta, Georgia, U.

S., Driver 2001 - 2002; Safeco Field Seattle, Washington, U. S., Concessions Vendor 2000; Assemblyman Skip Warner El Paso, Texas, U.

According to his "My Space" page, the following is a list of jobs that Shawn Spencer held before becoming the CEO of Psych: Newport Sailing Assoc., Newport Beach, California, U. Kho Samui, TH Teacher, TEFL 2005; Comerica Park Detroit, Michigan, U.

S., Concessions Vendor 2005; Apollo Agency Seattle, Washington, U.

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