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I was sure that he'd stopped to have a drink with some of his buddies, it was an old routine that I knew well even if I didn't like it much.

A half hour later or so, I finally hear keys at the front door, and after a few minutes of scrambling with the lock, Don walked into the apartment.

I recognized that smile and knew that I was in for a session of fucking that would leave me panting for more.

His friends were quickly forgotten as his tongue dived between my legs and stabbed at my pussy.

His cock spasmed again and again as he drained his sweet come in my face!

The pleasure I was feeling was keeping me from objecting too much.

It twitched and a silky stream of come erupted from the head. Then 4 pair of hands were on my tits and face, rubbing the come I was covered with into my skin.

Don's cock was back on my lips, the head roaming over my chin and around my face as it dribbled the last bit of juice on me.

I still couldn't speak because of Don's cock in my mouth.

My head was thrown back and he was sliding his hot rod between my lips just like he was fucking me.

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