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if u dont care about number, port out to h20 and let number die. order now as it is good to have h20 sim on hand for future use. On the keypad, dial ##873283# and tap the Call button. The handset will search for profile updates and install them. Id=5887one good option is Google Voice be sure to get a phone number from major city that has good Sprint coverage or u will get rare message "phone number not portable" you can check on the sprint map Go to https:// and unlock your Google Voice number, which will cost and is payable online by card Set a voicemail pin here https:// - you will need this pin in order to finish the porting You account number will be your 10 digit phone number and the PIN is your voicemail pin that you'll set.

Note 6: porting in to sprint once u have started the port u can call sprint porting dept @ 866-437-1818 to get status of port & maybe have port completed in as soon as 5 minutes. Enter a cell number of a friend, coworker, family member etc.

Several reasons: (No activation fee, and any issues that come up will be addressed right then there). Or use chat, where a chatbot efficiently swaps devices, with no error-prone humans involved.

Note 3: This offer will work with any number coming from AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon (including their MVNO networks) and all other non-Sprint networks including (Google Voice), Freedom Pop, number barn and others.

You must supply your current carrier's account number and pin to port into Sprint. The eligible phone you would like to use with Sprint does NOT have to be tied to your ported number.

Note 4: The phone reps will push the Total Equipment Protection( /mo.) package for your phone. they will scare u like what happens if phone breaks or is lost etc. rest assure u have options if your phone breaks or is lost etc (keep reading on how ) to let them add it as it can be easily removed through your online account, through chat or by calling account services. swap= change the current phone upgrade= get a new device swap: You can swap device anytime.

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