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Whether it was a small dart or a princess seam, she never gave up.She always had a solution for every sewing dilemma.The unsung heroes of this story are the volunteers who help out on the site, keeping it fun and organized for everyone else. I wish to express my gratitude to all the independent fabric and pattern storeowners who pour their passion for sewing into their business and provide us with inspiration every day.Also to the pattern companies who listen to Pattern members and design patterns we want so we too can be runway ready!I have, and so have many others who continue to share and inspire each other every day through their wonderful projects and tips posted on Pattern When you flip the pages of this book, you’ll see how fun sewing can be when you learn from others like you, who share their knowledge and discoveries.Let’s face it, how many of us have friends and family members who really understand how exciting it is to make that first bound buttonhole or perfectly match a plaid? But before we get started, and because everyone loves a good story, let me tell you mine.117 Elastic chat 118 Successful waistbands 120 Chapter n Ine Zipper chat 123 embellishments 154 Piping, binding & tube chat 125 Successful hems 127 Garment bits & pieces 132 Trim it! From FBA to Stitch and Flip Jacket construction to her Beginner 101 sewing classes, Shannon de-mystified the sewing process for everyone.

• Buttonholes on your practice piece will go like a dream.And how wonderful to see that that pattern we’ve been yearning to try worked out beautifully for someone else—now we can happily make it too. There are many good things on Pattern in addition to the reviews, and among my favorites are the clever and useful tips so generously posted by many of the users.I’m excited that Deepika has collected the best of them here.You will so enjoy and treasure this wonderful book, which epitomizes the spirit and value of Pattern Fo Re wo RD 001-089_185997 001-089_185997 (Text) (Ray) 4/30/10 AM 4/30/10 AM Job:04-18599 Title: CPI-Pattern Review:1000 clever sewing shortcuts&Tips #175 (P) Dtp:216 Page:7 Murphy’s laws of sewing • When you are two inches away from the end of the last seam in your project, you will run out of bobbin thread.

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