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Coast along the Lakefront until you arrive at charming Wrigley Field.Before heading back from the iconic stadium, make a pit stop at the Salt & Pepper Diner, where you can slurp a frothy chocolate milkshake and savor an ooey-gooey ultimate cheesy burger.Meet with our experienced, professional matchmaker in Chicago and our matchmakers will introduce you to quality singles.Talk with one of our Elite Connections Matchmakers in Chicago today.• Blast from the Past - Step into the '80s at The Wormhole Coffee, where you can nurse a warm honey latte or peanut butter Koopa Troopa from an R2D2 mug, tout your Mario Kart skills on old-school video game consoles, and take selfies with the airborne De Lorean. • Adler After Dark - Explore the sleek Adler Planetarium after-hours with an over-21 crowd at one of the institution's themed monthly events.Eye astrophysical spectacles, observe out-of-this-world exhibits, and interact with cosmic shows, all while sipping some pretty stellar drinks and defying gravity on the dance floor. Katie and I both joined the site days apart, and began communicating right away.

Without e Harmony, I never would have met the love of my life, and it only took a few days (even though I went with the worst case scenario and paid for a year subscription).By measuring you and your potential companions on the truly important things in life, like shared values and visions, we bring you one step closer to lasting happiness.e Harmony infuses online dating in Chicago with fun and promising futures.Our Elite Connections International matchmakers will work conscientiously to introduce you to the finest singles in Chicago.Everyone knows dating in Chicago can be a overwhelming occurrence… Elite Connections customers are exclusive, alluring singles that are serious about finding the ideal companion.

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