Chloe sevigny and vincent gallo dating

It was also in Washington Square Park that Sevigny first encountered young screenwriter and aspiring director Harmony Korine.The couples friendship resulted in her being cast in the starring role Jennie in the Korine-scripted movie Kids (1995).Directed by Larry Clark, Sevignys onscreen debut as a virginal teen who contracts HIV from her first sexual encounter won the new performer praise.Sevigny also became a somewhat familiar face among the hip New York City subculture members which inspired novelist Jay Mc Inerney to write a seven page feature article in The New Yorker where he hailed Sevigny the new it girl.In addition to attending summer school in a boarding school near Glion, Switzerland, she was educated at the Thorp High School in Boston, Massachusetts.During her high school years, Chloe spent a lot of her weekend time watching skateboarders in Washington Square Park, a hangout for many disobedient teenagers and creative types.

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In a Sissy Spacek way, in a Shelley Duvall way, in a Sandy Dennis way, thats how Id like to be a star.Off screen, 31-year-old Sevigny is alarmed she will end up an old maid because she isnt married yet and rejects the idea of having children out of marriage.She confesses she is old fashioned at heart and has always expressed a hope to have kids at a young age. I'm pretty traditional, and my friends who have kids say you just can't do it alone, it's too much work.Delivering an outstanding acting job, Sevigny took home several awards like a Chicago Film Critics Association, a Golden Satellite, a Las Vegas Film Critics Society, an Independent Spirit, a Los Angeles Film Critics Association, a Boston Society of Film Critics and a National Society of Film Critics for Best Supporting Actress.Additionally, her well-received performance earned Sevigny an Oscar, a Screen Actors Guild and a Golden Globe nomination.

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