Chronological dating methods

The Galilean worshippers had their lamb killed on Thursday, while the Judeans had theirs killed on Friday.In both cases, the worshippers were eating their lamb on the same evening that it was killed.In many cases, however, it is possible to reconstruct the original sequence of strata so that they can be used for relative dating.For instance, if we find a fossil bone below the strata 3 rock level shown above, we assume that the animal most likely lived at a time before that layer was formed.Since these components contain nitrogen, there is a progressive loss of that element.At the same time, percolating ground water deposits trace amounts of fluorine and other elements, such as uranium, into the bone.If they only had one day in which to prepare for the Passover, it would have been extremely difficult to have slaughtered all the lambs brought in to be sacrificed.

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The need for keeping this dual system had arisen because thousands of people would come to Jerusalem to have their lambs ritually slain in the Temple.This is due to the fact that one or both of the objects may have been moved or redeposited into a different location.In other words, they may no longer be in their primary context.However, we must be careful to note whether or not the fossil comes from the mixed strata zone of the filled in hole..However, the assumption of contemporaneity may not always be correct.

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