Coastline nova scotia hiking dating tours

You can wander into pubs such as the Red Shoe in Mabou (mostly summer months) and find spectacular local talent.Also popular with local musicians is Glenora Distillery, where the whisky is just so-so but the rooms lovely and the music wonderful.The fortress of Louisbourg is on the east coast of Cape Breton Island.It’s a glorious fort dating back to 1713 and is said to be the largest reconstruction project in North America.Ditto for the Annapolis Valley, covered with small towns and fruit orchards. Luckett Vineyards sits high on a hill overlooking the town of Wolfville, an adorable university town an hour or so north of Halifax.There’s a cute British phone booth in one of the vineyards to go along with commanding views of the nearby bays. Cape Breton is tough to beat for fans of live music.A trip from Halifax to Lunenburg also is tough to beat.

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Just across the bay in Annapolis Royal is Fort Anne, which has been controlled over the years by the French, Scots, British – and now tourists.The last time I was there I saw a terrific violin player and a pianist joined by a guy of about 80 who was a master of rhythm with the spoons, which he was clacking on his legs and even his forehead with a jangly tone and a huge grin on his face.Halifax is famous for seafood, so order a seafood meal at the famous Five Fisherman Restaurant.Whether it’s driving along the coastline and visiting colourful fishing villages, to playing golf or exploring historical forts, Nova Scotia is a province that has something to please everyone.Here are some things to do in Nova Scotia you’ll love.

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