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Women could review their matches at leisure to find the absolute best options.Yes, it meant that I had look through my matches’ profiles to find conversation openers, but I welcomed the chance to start the conversation on my terms.But it was a feature that served more than feminism.One of the most common problems with online dating was how it felt like a duty rather than a privilege.Software developers needed to remember that women and men were operating in very different worlds and that what was appealing to one may not be to the other.

My first surprise came when I saw that it had a Bumble BFF feature for making friends.

All these advantages, though, paled in comparison to the real one.

The one feature that differentiated Bumble from every other dating app? Once you matched with a man, you had 24 hours to send him a message or the match would expire permanently. In a world where men bemoaned having to make the first move, and in which women were plagued with endless, inane come-ons, this was a welcome role reversal.

Almost every man on Bumble had a proper bio, and almost no man had grainy gym shots.

There were far fewer people on there, true, but I found myself swiping right on almost half the profiles I encountered.

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