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They have taken the abundance of options available and laid them out in an immaculate and organized manner for the average web user.

The learning curve is longer than e Harmony, but if you are willing to give it a little bit of time, you will soon feel very at home with all of the options that they offer. Both websites have fantastic designs and navigations but the overall winner by a small margin is: When it comes to membership and serious users again, both sites score excellent marks.

Both the dating sites receive the majority of their users from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada but is slightly more active in the UK than e Harmony. If you do not know how and e Harmony work, you can check out these two helpful videos to get a better understanding. Since both of these sites have been around for nearly 20 years now, they have had time to tweak their dating algorithm, making the change that you will find the perfect match much more likely and a success story to tell.

Currently, e Harmony is finding daily matches for its million users in over 150 countries whereas Match is in 25.

While e Harmony enjoys an average of 5 million visitors every month, you will get more matches with over 35 million visitors on

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We’ve done the work for you in this eharmony vs Match review and put the best site against each other to see how well they stack up.

They have also both been around long enough to build a substantial user base.

This means that they both have a big pool of fish to choose from regarding finding the person that is most compatible with you.

Because of the lack of clutter, the personalized profiles look stunning.

Check out the Just because there are more options with match does not mean that is more challenging to learn.

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