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Around the tenth question, when I asked him to describe his ideal day, thinking he might say “Bike through Golden Gate Park, then do a beer-and-painting-class,” this 23-year-old stranger said it would be waking up with me, making me breakfast, then watching movies all day.I’d like to say I jumped up to leave, said “That’s weird, dude,” and grabbed my purse. And when this stroke survivor lashed out and said he should just leave, he was too green to realize that she didn’t really mean it.I had started my 40s dating a 50-something white dad — that romance was so unequal, it was an endless episode of “White Boyfriend Knows Best,” and it upheld white-male privilege and the patriarchy at a time when Donald Trump was running on the exact same ticket.“Don’t ever tell me again how men oppress women,” this boyfriend lectured, “when you women couldn’t even get together for Hillary.”“That was women,” I lobbed back.But I was suffering through the disability I call “middle life” and needed comfort.Turning 42 brought on self-criticism and disappointment that flowered like a bruise.

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In bed, he was as careful and attentive as someone preparing a body for burial. Maybe there was so much postelection dread that I would have huddled around anyone’s fire.

So I kept ordering Pinots, observing this tragic man, slightly buoyed by how I was faring much better than him and the women who had encountered him. And as I made out with him while waiting for my Lyft Line to arrive, my brain suddenly snapped awake to this blunder.

I opened my eyes and was confronted by his placid face, so like a baby camel’s.

It was like that Disney movie where a disgraced lion is incapable of facing responsibility, so he leaves home and wallows with some idlers, trying to drown the anguish of not living up to his true purpose by singing “Hakuna matata! But there was no use beating anybody up about it, not even myself.

As nature would have it, women are naturally attracted to older men.

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