Cons of consolidating credit card debt

You may also want to consider credit counseling from a nonprofit organization like the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.The American household debt load has reached an unprecedented level.In order to realize what the pro’s and cons about consolidating you credit card debt are it is important to first understand exactly what credit card debt consolidation is.Debt consolidation is a way of taking your high interest rate credit cards and paying them off with a lower interest rate loan.Many consumers get themselves in over their head with debt.

Rising household debt, while mostly comprised of home mortgages, is showing no signs of waning.

Quite simply, it is a line of credit, approved up to a certain amount, which the homeowner can borrow against when needed.

They can also pay it back as they like as long as they pay the accrued interest on what they have borrowed each month.

Some of the bigger advantages of debt consolidation include: For some people, debt consolidation may not be the answer.

In fact, it could do further harm to your financial situation.

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