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Beginning with the 2019-20 basketball season, Logan County will field district middle school basketball teams, Logan County High School Principal Caycee Spears has announced.

There will be 7th grade and 8th grade teams for both the boys and the girls with practices and home games at LCHS.

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The current Lakeland Senior High School facility was first occupied in 1979.They will practice and play at LCHS, mostly in the big gym the high school plays in. Coaches have not been hired yet, but they will work closely with their high school programs to build continuity.The athletes who try out for the district teams but don’t get chosen then can try out for their squads at their own schools.In the United States, Eighth Grade is usually a child's eighth year of education, aside from Kindergarten and Preschool. In some parts of Canada (such as Newfoundland), and much of British Columbia, 8th grade is the first year of high school, or secondary school. In Quebec, eighth Grade is equivalent to Secondary II (French: 2 Secondaire ("Seconde")) or Secondary Cycle 1, Year 2.The eighth grade mathematics curriculum in Canada usually includes either Pre-algebra or Algebra I.

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